ZQ Intelligence Mobile

In addition to computers, ZQ Intelligence gauges consumer activities on mobile phones and tablets. It’s an easy to use tracking app, which delivers a superior user experience and promotes high respondent participation. This mobile tracking technology captures and reports on activities taking place across mobile web browsers, mobile apps, and device system features.

At Luth Research, we develop and maintain a permission-based digital measurement panel of consumers. Using this single-source data reservoir allows our clients to conduct a variety of research studies designed to understand path-to-purchase, consumer insights, and advertising effectiveness. For our clients, not only do we provide easy access to mobile behavior tracking, we also seamlessly integrate traditional research methodologies - surveys, focus groups and beyond.

What do we capture in metrics? A great deal. We invest in building the right technology to offer extensive data capabilities including measuring what is inside of mobile apps, tracking ads, and understanding search behaviors.

What we do is all about understanding cross-platform consumer behavior and the motivation behind it.


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