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Engaged, active respondents deliver valuable research results. That’s the SurveySavvy advantage. Since 1999, this global, online respondent community has been helping companies just like yours expand their audience insights. Millions of people worldwide participate in SurveySavvy, and its numbers are growing each day as a result of our patented referral system that offers members cash rewards for ongoing participation, as well as the participation of the people they refer. Plus, because of SurveySavvy’s scale and multiple validation methods, it’s easier to recruit hard-to-reach specialty respondents like healthcare and IT professionals. With SurveySavvy, you have powerful capabilities to help you make better critical business decisions:

  • Connect with respondents online, over the phone or via mail
  • Enrich respondent data with ability to append third-party data
  • Conduct online behavioral research with participants that have downloaded SavvyConnect®, our free desktop tracking application
  • Profile targets using more than 4,000 panel variables with SurveySavvy Portraits
  • Enjoy greater confidence with SurveySavvy’s built-in mailing address validation, as well as vSavvy™, our multi-dimensional process for eliminating bad data
  • Recruit hard-to-find respondents with greater ease

Put the highly responsive, actively engaged SurveySavvy research community to work for your organization.

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