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    SurveySavvy®, our multi-million member global online community, allows you to reach high quality online respondents. A patented system of referrals and rewards, state-of-the-art community management and validation processes provide a highly responsive and involved community.

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Powered by Luth Research - ExactTarget 2014 Mobile Behavior Report

Luth Research was the power behind the findings for ExactTarget's 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. Luth's ZQ Intelligence digital tracking capability was used to passively capture the digital behavior of a target audience across PC, Mobile and...


Online ad measurement research has gone through a number of evolution milestones. We have advanced far from the early stage of focusing on just click-throughs, and yet still have many current barriers to overcome in order to achieve an accurate, holistic view of the true ad impact.


Cross-Platform Measurement Insights

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A market research industry leader since 1977, Luth Research delivers actionable insights to our customers by getting closer to the consumer with innovative market research technology. With a full array of quantitative, qualitative and online research possibilities and our innovative technology, Luth is the company for tailored research methods and personalized service.