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Variety Magazine talks about Luth Research's ability to capture Netflix data

Select content companies have been turning to San Diego-based Luth Research, which has assembled a sizable panel of Netflix subscribers in the U.S. as a means of determining the most popular programs on the streaming service.


Today’s marketers and brand managers have access to a wealth of diverse digital data from partners ranging from research companies, data brokers, to advertising networks. The advent of accessible digital behavior data in recent years has meant that we no longer have to rely on recall to understand...


Luth Research Captures SVOD Data

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A market research industry leader since 1977, Luth Research delivers actionable insights to our customers by getting closer to the consumer with innovative market research technology. With a full array of quantitative, qualitative and online research possibilities and our innovative technology, Luth is the company for tailored research methods and personalized service.